CII FPO Program

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CII’s FPO Business Service Unit – Creating economies of scale for small scale farmers

Aligned to the Government priority and identifying the potential of the aggregation model, work with Farmer producer Organizations (FPOs) has been prioritized under CII’s Food and Agriculture Center of Excellence (FACE) and a Business Service Unit for FPOs has been launched. The industry led initiative aims at enhancing farmer capabilities, building scale, improving access to advanced technologies, and strengthening market linkage.

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Key takeaways: CII NCDEX FPO SUMMIT (virtual) – 28th February 2022

FPOs are presently concentrated in a few states. Towards evolving an ecosystem for FPO development, the agencies involved need to focus on promoting FPOs pan India. Identifying the need Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, GoI has launched the Central Sector Scheme for “Formation and Promotion of 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)”. Under the scheme, the formation and promotion of FPO is based on Produce Cluster Area approach and specialized commodity- based approach for development of product specialization.